"Welcome travelers! Join me here by the warm glow of old Narhm’s hearth and rest your weary bones. Many horrors lurk behind the black veil of this Golarion night. Horrors that lie in wait for the likes of you — fancy armor or no. These are no longer the days of shining empires and golden roads to glory. This is an age of strife. Of turmoil. Of corruption, filth and decay.

So you wish to walk beneath the banner of the Pathfinder, eh? Heh. To survive the perils of this world, you will need more than metal and magic at your side. You will need wisdom and knowledge, for, only in understanding the savagery of this world, have you any hope of mastering it. Fortunately for you, the calm hand of Irori rests upon your shoulder.

I possess all you will need to know in order to ensure that your adventuring career is longer lived than a moth in the campfire. Your burden is deciding which question you would like to ask first."
- Narhm the Well Read
Sage & Seer of the Inner Sea

About Reign of Decay

Reign of Decay is a role-play-intensive Pathfinder campaign set in the Inner Sea Lands. The story line will follow 4-6 characters from the fledgling steps as adventurers through their rise to face a vile abomination such as Golarion has never known. Game play will leverage the D20 Pro Gametable and other online tools to create an uncluttered, fast-paced gaming experience.

Reign of Decay

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